Moabi in Action

Read about how we have applied our technology
and approaches on the ground.

Monitoring REDD+ Safeguards with Communities in Mai Ndombe District

A REDD+ Safeguard Information System (SIS) requires not only rigorous data collection on local social/environmental investments and grievances but must also adapt to the constraints of regions with limited infrastructure and financial resources.

Palm Oil Boom?

IIASA scientists map where palm oil could expand in the Democratic Republic of Congo to become a major palm oil producer

Community Mapping

The Extreme Citizen Science Research Group (ExCiteS) at University College London leads a training with indigenous communities in Equateur Province on participatory mapping of local resources.

Will DRC palm oil plantations cause forest loss?

With vast tracks of tropical forest straddling the equator, an abundance of freshwater, and a favorable climate, DRC could follow Indonesia and become a major exporter of palm oil.