Who we Are

We are a team of cartographers, coders, forest monitors, GIS experts, gender specialists and econometric modelers. Our team spans three continents and works to build simple yet robust technology, train local organizations,
and expand our partnerships.

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Washington DC team

Leo Bottrill


Leo Bottrill is the founder and director of Moabi (moabi.org), a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing technology to map and ...

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Kristofor Carle

Lead Developer

Kristofor is a geospatial software engineer focusing on spatial databases, web mapping applications, data analytics, and mobile ...

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James Conkling

Moabi Cartographer and Data Analyst

James Conkling works on a variety of environmental and land use issues. With a background in political science, computer science, and ...

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Kristen Egermeier

Administrative Assistant

Kristen Egermeier is Moabi's Administrative Assistant. Working from Los Angeles, California, Kristen helps keep Moabi running.

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DRC team

Benoît Thuaire

Field Manager

Benoît has a background in ecology, geography and environmental economics, which has given him the opportunity to work on numerous natural..

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Igerha Bampa

OGF Program Manager

Igerha Bampa holds a degree in agricultural engineering from the University of Kinshasa with a specialization in managing natural resources,

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Herve Kashongwe

GIS Coordinator

Hervé is Moabi’s GIS project coordinator based at OSFAC in Kinshasa, DRC. He specializes in natural resource management and GIS.

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Essylot Chishenya Lubala

OGF Coordinator

Essylot C. Lubala is the coordinator of OGF (Observatoire de la Gouvernance Forestière), a Congolese environmental NGO dedicated to...

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Serge Bondo Kayembe

OGF Adjoint Coordinator

Serge Bongo studied at the University of Kinshasa, where he obtained an engineering degree in Agricultural Sciences for soil and water...

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John Mboloko

Community Monitoring Focal Point

John works as the focal point for Moabi's pilot safeguard monitoring system in the ERA project of Mai-Ndombe district...

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Eulalie Guillaume

Project Advisor

Eulalie Guillaume is Moabi's Project Advisor based in DRC (Kinshasa), working primarily on REDD+ strategy and the design of an Independent..

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Cyrus Sinai

Research Intern

Cyrus is a recent graduate of UCLA, where he studied international development, public health, and GIS. He is very interested in...

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